Friday, December 04, 2009

From Geneva: A Focus on Diakonia

From Geneva’s Short Course in Ecumenism
(sent digitally by the Rev. Dr. Maria Erling)

Today our discussion was all about Diakonia, and how essential it is as a dimension of the church, locally and globally. There is a new text approved by the LWF church council that will be published soon. For a pre published version of it, ask Bree Tomlinson, or Mark Oldenburg. I shared an earlier PDF of the document with them, and I think it is okay now for them to share their pirated copies more widely. And I think our diaconal ministers, and really everyone will like the text.

Tomorrow we head for Cluny, and then to Taize. I am interested in what kinds of Advent signs I will see. So far the weather and views  in Geneva have been remarkably like Gettysburg, except of course, for the mountain mists, and glorious views of snowy slopes, and all the peaceful Swiss Cows. No cannons here, but there are traces of violence in the past.

Tomorrow in Switzerland there is an anniversary of an event in 1602, the escalade, when a woman poured soup on some attackers. This glorious episode is commemorated in soup tureen shaped chocolates.

Hey! who said that food was peaceful?? 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend feasting for St. Nicholas,

Maria Erling
(People are learning slowly to pronounce my name.)

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