Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Geneva: A Sense of Forming A Communion

From Geneva
This was my last day with the class - and the focus was on forming a sense of the 'communion of Lutheran Churches' in North America. We've all had so many presentations and been almost overwhelmed by the range of activities that are generated here in Geneva, and also by local churches. And there is also a rich life of faith for people who live and work here. Yesterday was a farewell to the president of the WCC, Samuel Kobia, who is finishing his term. The open concourse at the ecumenical center was filled with visitors and with tables for a reception. Meanwhile we sat upstairs in salle 2 and 3 and heard about the Latin American Lutheran Churches and their work to share resources, and also to address the issue of illegitimate debt.
Tomorrow the group will visit the UN and address issues of global economic disparity. But in between these kinds of sessions we go out to see Geneva.

On Sunday I attended church at the Lutheran Congregation, where the focus was on stars - but in true Geneva Lutheran Church style, the service was imaginative. This time physicists who work at CERN - where the particle collider is producing collisions this week - talked about their faith, black holes, stars, mass, and gravitational pull - and the pastor, Lusmarina, made some creative suggestions about how we might think about creation being pulled, or even ourselves being pulled, by the spirit, towards our neighbors.
Tonight we went out for Fondue. I was afraid of all the cheese, so I had a platter of meat instead, served over sauerkraut. I am now full. Success! I am looking forward to being home again!
Maria Erling

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